Barcelona Province

Retreat near the Pyrenees

Old farmhouse becomes luxury retreat




Pyrenees, Spain


Co Govers, Maria Matamala, Bianca Schaub, Santiago Martín-Borregon


750 m2

This project concerns the conversion of a ruined farmhouse near the water reservoir of Sau into a wonderful retreat for a family and their guests (friends and paying guests). The ruin has fabulous views and is located in a very protected natural park. We are working on restoring the building, but with a distinctly modern twist, as usual. Many walls will have to have the traditional small openings, but we’ve found a way to make some dramatic gestures.

Both kitchen/dining room and living room are double height, with huge openings and pivoting doors. The upstairs master bedrooms hangs in this space as a wood-clad box. The rest of the house contains many more bedrooms, and behind the shaded outside porch, located in an annex, we’re creating separate guestrooms each with a bathroom, for paying guests.

Sau modern and traditional living
Sau open plan dining with wood and polished concrete
view from reading nook to kitchen
Sau polished concrete living spaces
Sau master bedroom with fireplace and open plan bathroom

Technical Data

Name: Retreat Pyrenees

Location: Pyrenees, Spain

Client: Corporate

Budget: Undisclosed

Surface area: 750 m²

Project design: Ongoing

Construction: January 2019 – July 2020

Architects: Co Govers, Bianca Schaub, Santiago Martín-Borregón (ZEST Architecture)

Visual: ZEST Architecture