Apartment 2 L’Escala

A spacious and light holiday apartment




L’Escala, Spain


ZEST Architecture


70 m2

This apartment with spectacular views over the Mediterranean, was completely overhauled for a Belgian client. We changed the distribution, windows, and all the installations and finishes.

The completely new position of the kitchen has made the apartment feel big and open. It now has both underfloor heating and air conditioning, and new windows that completely block out noise from Tramontana storms.

The kitchen is from the Spanish brand Doca. The master bedroom has been completely transformed by the design of integrated storage and bedhead, all custom made by our best furniture maker.

La Escala bathroom with black hexagonal mosaic tiles
La Escala bathroom with oak counters and built in bath

Technical Data

Name: Apartment 2, L’Escala

Location: L’Escala, Girona, Spain

Client: Private

Surface area: 70 m²

Project design: January – September 2017

Construction: October 2017 –  April 2018

Architects: Co Govers and Bianca Schaub (ZEST Architecture) 

Contractor: José Hortal y Hortal

Photography: Marcela Grassi

Graphic documentation: ZEST Architecture

This is one of a double project, two apartments overlooking the Mediterranean, for two Belgian sisters. They had inherited their apartment, which was built over 40 years ago and had never been changed since. Both wanted more space and more daylight, and a bigger kitchen. This particular apartment had a very small kitchen and an entrance hall which cut the living space off from the kitchen and occupied a lot of space.


We gutted the apartment completely and changed the layout in order to make better use of the available 70 m2. This meant canceling the entrance hall altogether and placing the kitchen in the center of the apartment. As a result, the apartment feels nearly twice as big. We designed a better a layout for the master bedroom and bathroom, and for the guest bedroom and bathroom. The bed is a spectacular fusion of sleeping space and wardrobe. All storage throughout the apartment has been custom designed, and made by our star carpenter, who also made beautiful vanities for the bathrooms.


The entire apartment now has both underfloor heating and air conditioning, and has been installed with noise insulation to prevent noise from neighbouring apartments, but also top of the range double glazing, which cuts out the noise from the roaring sea at times of Tramontana storms.