Aiguafreda House 10

Eco-luxury on the Costa Brava




Barcelona, Spain


Co Govers and Joana Ramalhete


186 m2 + terrace 91 m2

House 10 is a sustainable holiday home on the Costa Brava, near Begur. Set on a steep green hill directly overlooking the sea, this villa combines luxury with ecology. Built of wood and natural stone, it integrates seamlessly into thesurroundings.

The floorplan is organized over two separate wings, connected by means of a double height space which is the family room. Natural ventilation, green roofs and underfloor heating and cooling provide comfort year round.

A new build in Aiguafreda with sea views
A handmade model of the Aiguafreda House with it´s views over the Costa Brava

Technical Data

Name: Aiguafreda House 1

Location: Begur, Spain

Client: Corporate

Surface area: 275 

Project design: 2010

Architects: Co Govers and Joana Ramalhete (ZEST Architecture)

Graphic documentation: ZEST Architecture

Renders: Marco Podestá

House 10 is another villa of the Aiguafreda community of 40 sustainable homes on the Costa Brava. Set on steep green hills near Begur directly overlooking the sea, this villa combines luxury with ecology. The house is built of wood and natural stone, its colours mixing naturally with the indigenous vegetation and the colour of the rock. The pool is a natural pool, with a basin of filtering plants and gravel doing the work normally done by chlorine or salt.


Its volumes are grouped in order to best adapt to the steep terrain, while making the most of the view. The living room overlooks the sea. The kitchen/dining room is south-oriented and overlooks the pool. Its facade can open completely to dissolve the boundary between inside and out. A roof overhang protects the interior from hot summer sun, while letting in lower winter sun to provide passive warmth. The bedrooms are dug into the mountain, thus staying cool, with their green roof forming an integral part of the garden. Natural ventilation and underfloor heating and cooling provide a comfortable climate throughout the year, with the green roofs providing unbeatable insulation.