The restoration of the sundial at Cal Doctor

One of the important aspects in the renovation of the protected facade of our Cal Doctor mansion in Alella is the restoration of the existing sundial. The clock had to be restored by experts in the field. For this Zest Architecture contacted the company Chroma, experts in historic restorations.

We are currently in the process of restoring the facade and its sundial. It is interesting to see how Chroma, in the process of carrying out on an extensive initial study of the composition of the clock, investigate the possibility of the existence of an even older one behind it. As it is very common in this type of farmhouse, the facades and the clock have changed on various occasions throughout history. We had also found historical photographs that showed the previous existence of another distinct sundial which was much more interesting.

Below you can see photographs of this complex and interesting process. First they used a fabric bandage to cover the area of ​​the clock on the facade allowing them to literally transport the plaster with its molded detail, in pieces, to their workshop. They then embarked on a careful study of the layers of paint, both visible and hidden. The process is being documented in order to assess what the final drawing of the sundial will be that must be painted on the new restored façade.

It seems that we have found a sundial much older than the original one and Chroma is faced with the challenge of restoring it to match it´s historic appearance.

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