10 Years of ZEST architecture!!!

Ray of Light mosque Dubai at night

Ten years ago the Dutch architect Co Govers started ZEST architecture in Barcelona. In it´s ten years the firm has built a reputation for making beautiful architecture that is both sustainable and a pleasure to behold. One of the first projects designed by ZEST was the Ray of Light Mosque (see photo above), a conceptually revolutionary mosque that continues to spark strong debate among Islam scholars, as it is the first mosque to offer equal access to women as well as men. Villa CP (see photo below) has become a project of reference that beautifully marries the old and the new. We continue to design breath taking projects, and one of our latest is Olive Grove House in Matarraña (see last photo below), which will be built next year but which has already been awarded honorable mention for its design, which includes a continuous rammed earth wall, built with the material excavated for foundations and pool. Here’s to many happy returns, ZEST!!


House Matarraña pool terrace view