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7 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Building Your Dream House In Spain

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7 Tips to Finding the Perfect Architect for Your Project

In this informative downloadable PDF guide, you’ll discover:

  • How to avoid the 7 most costly mistakes people make when building their house in Spain
  • The things you need to know in order to make your dream house become a reality
  • Who you should involve in your building project and what they should do
  • How long it will take
  • and much more!

I prepared this guide after seeing many people struggle with understanding how to get a home built or renovated in Spain. Building or renovating a house can be a complex and frightening process for those who haven’t done it before, and doing it in a foreign country where few people speak good English may seem even more daunting. You may wonder where to start, who to talk to, how long it will take and how you can make sure you end up with what you really wanted from the beginning.

Having helped many clients realize a wonderful house, I know the problems start with people not taking the right steps in the right order, and talking to the wrong professionals about the wrong issues. In this beautifully laid out guide, you will discover how to avoid the costly mistakes many others have made, and how to get your project started. I hope you enjoy this guide and look forward to your feedback.

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7 Costly mistakes to avoid when building your dream house in Spain

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